Year ID Name Place Commission Prize
2015-2017 081_src Solothurner Ruderclub Solothurn Commission
2014 073_räm High School Rämibühl Zürich Commission
2014-2015 071_lim Cantonal High School Limmattal Urdorf Commission
2013 064_por Residential development Lohn-Bellevue, Port Port Study 2. prize
2014 066_hun New building secondary school Hunzenschwil Competition, selective 4. prize
2013 062_web Transformation Weberstrasse Zürich Miscellaneous
2013 063_eff Residential development Effingerstrasse Zürich Competition, selective
2012 059_ent Residential development Entlisberg Zürich-Wollishofen Study
2012 053_all School building Allschwil Allschwil Competition, open 6. prize
2008 030_lin Residential development Linth-Escher Zürich Competition, selective 3. prize
2010-2011 046_g27 Conversion and extension G27 Zürich Commission
2010 044_pfi Neighbourhood park with school facility Zürich-West Zürich Competition, open
2009 037_zof Cinema Scala Zofingen Zofingen Commission
2009 036_chu Sports facility concept Chur Chur Competition, selective
2011 051_wal Sports facility Lienisberg Walchwil Competition, selective
2008 025_vgu Refurbishment of a bath in an old town house Solothurn Commission
2007 014_sha Swiss pavilion at the World Exhibition 2010 Shanghai Competition, open
2007 015_grc Bienal De Arquitectura, Arte a Paisaje Canarias Gran Canaria Study
2007 016_thü Conversion of residential building Lohn-Ammansegg Commission
2007 017_lan Ecole Primaire La Neuveville Competition, open
2007 018_bzu Cantonal High School Uster Uster Competition, open 4. prize
2006 007_fla Chapel with apartments Flaach Study
2006 008_vsy Refurbishment of a winery Vilars-sous-Yens Commission
2006 010_csd Salle de Sport et école primaire Chatel-st-Denis Competition, open
2006 011_grt Sports venue Grüntal Wittenbach Competition, open 3. prize
2005 003_nmb Nouveau Musee Des Beaux-Arts Lausanne Competition, open 8. prize
2005 004_eco Protected workshops Eco Grischun Chur Competition, open
2006 012_son Residential development Sonnenhalde Zürich-Leimbach Study
2005 005_ste Modernisation of school facility Steinach Competition, open
2006-2007 013_sts Entrance town theatre Solothurn Commission
2005-2006 006_zin Development area Zinzikon Winterthur Commission
2007 019_tif Public bathing beach Tiefenbrunnen Zürich Study
2007-2008 020_pul Refurbishment of kitchen and bathroom Puls 5 Zürich Commission
2007 023_egk Residential and nursing home for the elderly with care service Egerkingen Competition, selective
2007 024_kva Urban development study for site Warmbächliweg Bern Study
2007-2008 026_her School building Hermesbühl Solothurn Competition, open
2008 032_fbr Residential development with semi-detached and detached houses Feldbrunnen Competition, selective 2. prize
2008 029_rbg Raiffeisen bank March Galgenen Study
2008 027_mai Home for the Elderly Bündner Herrschaft Maienfeld Competition, selective